Monday, December 24, 2018

In the scarcity of talukas, the farmer gets Rs. 6000 input subsidy to be paid: CM Vijay Rupani

In the scarcity of talukas, the farmer gets Rs. 6000 input subsidy to be paid: CM Vijay Rupani

CM Rupani, while making a big announcement about the payment of crop insurance, said that the affected farmers will be provided with assistance in the crop insurance after the welfare of the affected farmers.
State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani reached his home town Rajkot city today. Here he attended the Kisan convention organized at Hemu Gadhvi Hall. During the program CM Roopani distributed small farm assistance to 156 farmers. CM Rupani, during the program, made a big announcement about the payment of crop insurance, that the affected farmers will be given credit in their account after the welfare of crop insurance. In addition to this, the input subsidy per hectare will also be paid to the farmers in the areas declared in the scarcity areas. Besides, grass subsidy is also being provided in 51 talukas.
Inputs will be paid in 96 talukas
Vijay Rupani announced that the talukas which have received less than 350 mms of rainfall have been declared as scarcity. About 24 lakh farmers of this taluka get Rs. 2285 will provide input subsidy. Rupani said that in the 96 affected farmers of the state, 23.24 lakh farmers have started an input subsidy payment of crop damage of about 2285.59 crore for 40.32 lakh hectare. Apart from this, the government is paying 50% of the support for the harsh hair on the farm. Not only that, in 51 talukas, the government is giving subsidy to the grass

The amount of input subsidy will be deposited in the farmer's account. Not only that, the farmers who have failed the crop, were announced by CM to pay the sum assured. The districts declared in the scarcity include eight talukas of Rajkot
Statement regarding purchase of groundnut
CM Rupani, on purchase of groundnut at the support price, said that 17,000 farmers of Rajkot district have been purchased at the support price of groundnut. About 3,25,507 quintals of groundnut were purchased

Is there. For this, the government has to pay Rs. 65 crore farmers have paid the farmers.
The law will tighten on the accident
Making a statement about the accident caused by school buses in Saputara and Godhra, Rupani said that these incidents are really serious. The law will be tightened in the state by taking an accident. Talking about Rajkot's water problem, Rupani said that water supply should be given to Rajkot Vasani every 20 minutes and it is decided to replenish the Aji dam for the next monsoon to avoid any water problem.
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